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The importance of higher education in national development cannot be overemphasized. Nigeria looks to higher education as fundamental vehicle driving both economic and political developments. Cognizant of the fact that tertiary education institutions have great potential as indigenous incubator of national progress and revitalization, Nigeria has devoted substantial economic and human resources to promote university education.

In this context, the mission to establish the Skyline University, Nigeria took concrete form in 1990 when its promoters established the Skyline University College (SUC), at Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. SUC became very famous and the reputation grew exponentially and student enrolment soon increased at an enhanced rate with a large number of international students coming from Nigeria. Thus, in the 28 years of its involvement in private university education in the Middle East, Skyline International Group Limited (SIGL) has spread so widely. This is a testimony that the little spark of 1990 in UAE, has blossomed into a full flame of excellent university educational opportunities for the young Nigerians in particular and the West African sub-region in general.

The major motivation to establish the Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) is to achieve the same mark of academic and all round excellence which has been achieved by SUC in the UAE by providing a total life-changing education at the tertiary level. The aim therefore is to complete the circle of education, which was begun in a humble way in 1990 to educate the young Nigerians as a commitment to exceptional life-long learning.

The university concentrates, deepens and extends the frontiers of knowledge of the students who are to become the catalysts for the development of Nigerian society. This goal whose root was firmly planted over 28 years back has flourished and blossomed into an international institution of higher learning in Kano Nigeria.


Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) aspires to be an internationally recognized institution of excellence in higher education, by providing technologically enabled platform for innovative research and education with a focus on creativity and entrepreneurship.


Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) strives to be a multi-disciplinary, teaching & research university with an aim to be a leading international institution of higher learning driven by technology to build multicultural environment for all its stakeholders that commit to nurture creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship which can sustain social development.


  1. Institutional Goal:

“To provide dynamic academic and research environment in pursuit of excellence with integrity, which can serve the society without any discrimination.”

  1. Institutional Objectives:
  2. To provide platform for research, scholarship and creative activities as fundamental sources of new knowledge and contribution towards the betterment of society
  3. To nurture freedom of inquiry and creation of intellectual environment conducive to free, open and respectful exchange of ideas.
  4. To promote cultural pluralism and diversity.
  5. To encourage ethical standards in personal and professional behavior to focus on outcomes and impact in a dynamic and changing society.
  6. To have commitment to society and public service as the foundation of individual, educational, social and economic development.
  7. To strive for the establishment and sustenance of fruitful linkages and collaborations with industry, locally and internationally development partners, funding agencies, universities and other institutions to enrich students, so that they may be more effective and useful citizens in an increasingly dynamic & globalized society.
  8. To create state-of-the-art learning support infrastructure that will provide functional and developmental services to both the students and staff as well as facilitate effective teaching, learning, research and community service.
  1. Student Goal:

To cultivate among students, character, honesty, integrity, compassion, fairness, respect and ethical behavior, both in the classroom and beyond to be socially responsible citizens to serve the society.

  1. Student Objectives:
  2. To provide conducive learning environment for instruction and other facilities for the pursuit of learning.
  3. To encourage, engage teaching and learning based dialogue, student involvement and experiential learning.
  4. To evolve academic programmes to suit the changing social and economic needs of society through continuous review of curriculum and development of new programmes.
  5. To promote responsible stewardship and thoughtful reflection, collaboration, planning and evaluation as essential for meeting the changing needs of global community.
  6. To appreciate and stimulate interest in cultural heritage and relating its activities to the social and economic needs of the people.
  7. To carry out basic and applied research for application of technology and collaborative linkages.
  8. To establish a centre for entrepreneurial studies to stimulate job creation and innovative abilities among students.
  9. To facilitate students with industry exposure that equips them with appropriate and adequate skills to supplement knowledge acquired in the classroom.
  1. Employee Goal:

To engage competent employees by providing facilities for creating a conducive environment for teaching, learning and research to promote advancement of knowledge and to ensure transparency and accountability to all stakeholders of the University.

  1. Employee Objectives:
  2. To recruit highly qualified and experienced academic, technical and administrative staff to ensure the actualization of high quality teaching, research and community service.
  3. To pursue capacity building and staff development programme for academic and non-academic staff and to ensure a progressive working environment.
  4. To provide good governance and effective management structure.
  5. To take appropriate steps to attract and retain high quality staff.
  6. To promote collegiality and teamwork.


University embedded in knowledge, skill and technology for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship that prepares ethical and responsible citizens for serving the society.