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The Administration, Registration and Examination department is responsible for managing the institutional academic operations that comply with various academic and academic support service policies of the institution, NUC & MOE. The activities include planning & executing academic operations, registrations and examinations necessary for academic progression of the students and also assist the faculty members in planning their operations. The overall functions of administration is aimed at enabling coordination with learning support services so as to facilitate a conducive learning environment in the institution. It is also responsible for maintaining student records for monitoring their progression and facilitate regular counseling for academic progression. Also, the department is responsible for maintaining overall academic and behavioral discipline of the students as per the policies. The administration department is responsible for developing the overall Institutional and Institutional calendar which guides the operations of SUN.


Goal 1: To facilitate and plan the operations of academic and academic support services within policy framework of NUC including ELC and CPD departments.

Goal 2: To ensure non-discriminatory learning atmosphere.

Goal 3: To register and maintain student records safely & confidentially.

Goal 4: To plan and conduct fair examinations and declare the results timely.

Goal 5: To provide appropriate academic and student information to various departments and decision makers.

Goal 6: To administer an efficient registration and scheduling process to deliver the University’s curriculum in accordance with its policies and regulations.

Goal 7: To Provide timely, precise guidance and support to students as they work toward degree completion, as well as faculty and staff involved in the graduation process.



The registration department registers the students with all the necessary documents mentioned in the registration checklist. In case of documents being incomplete or not submitted the file is returned to Marketing department for fulfilling the requirements.

Candidate need to apply through SUN portal, the application is a formal process of applying to the University, each student fills up the application form through an Online Application System. The form captures detail of personal information, list of necessary documents, undertaking, fees payment policies, tuition & miscellaneous fees, refund policy & the terms and conditions on which the application will be accepted. Application Form is required to be duly signed by the applicant, parent/guardian and the admission officer. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to furnish genuine and authentic information during the admission process.

Online Application: Prospective students are required to fill their application form through the Online Application System of SUN. The Online Application Forms captures all the required personal information as well as all necessary documents desired to complete the application process. The prospective student is required to complete the application as per the following:
Student confirms their interest with the admission officer who in turn through CMS system generates an authentic link which is send through registered e-mail address and mobile number of the applicant.
Once the student receives the authenticated link they are required to open the link, and complete the application form, upload all necessary documents and pays the non-refundable application fees as per the published fees structure of the respective academic year.
Application Form: All the fields as per the application form are required to be filled by the student wherein the authenticity of information provided is sole responsibility of the student, failure to adhere will lead to cancellation of admission during the tenure of study as well as withdrawal of degree (post-graduation), with no responsibility of university to issue documents/transcripts and/or refund of fees.
Documents: The authenticity of documents submitted is the sole responsibility of student, failure to adhere will lead to cancellation of admission during the tenure of study as well as withdrawal of degree (post-graduation), with no responsibility of university to issue documents/transcripts and/or refund of fees. Prospective student is required to submit attested documents for the completion of the admission as per the below provided list:

Local Candidate Application: Local candidate admission student needs to do the following documentation
Passport copy (Minimum 6 Months Validity)
Passport Sized photograph
National Photo ID (Either one of the valid proofs):
Driving License
National ID
Voters Card
Post UME Result
JAMB Result
High School :
WAEC (Online Verification)
NECO (Online Verification)
IGCSE, GCE, GCSE O-Level Attested Certificate (for Fresh Admissions – Level 100)
Students Certificate Authenticity Check For
International Student Application
International admission student needs to do the following documentation
Passport copy (Minimum 6 Months Validity)
Passport Sized photograph
Visa Copy (where applicable – at least valid for 6 months)
National Photo ID (Either one of the valid proofs):
Green Card (where applicable)
National ID
Driving License
Post UME Result
High School :
WAEC (Where Applicable, Online Verification)
IGCSE, GCE, GCSE O-Level Attested Certificate (for Fresh Admissions – Level 100)
Students Certificate Authenticity Check Form
Following are the major tasks handled by the registration section.

Verifying Admission entry requirement
Follow-up with the provisional and probationary admissions
Audit of student files
Registration of students into degree program
Enrollment of students into class
Batch creation
Rejection of student files
Review of registration checklist
Preparation of student kit
Maintaining the students records [Academic/Financial/Administrative]
Electronic Database and backups
File Scanning
Updating student data
Reconciliation of files
Audit of graduating files

After the student is registered into the SUN program, the student is tracked for his/her regularity, requisitions, academic standing, and progression so as to communicate the status of the students with the department’s faculty, staff and student to help them to progress successfully by following services.

Monitoring student attendance: The attendance is meant for keeping track of the attendance of each student. The attendance for all students are available on the system which can be printed if and when required. Administration finalizes the list of eligible students for the exam based on meeting minimum of 75 % of attendance in class as per policy.
Monitoring student academic performance (Failure, low CGPA) : Semester results are evaluated and students GPA is communicated and discussed when required. Various students’ categories like low CGPA, failed students, withdrawn students, low major CGPA students, students with low GPA etc., are compiled. Students are properly counselled and informed to register for the repeating course to maintain the Good standing status.
Monitoring academic progression with respect to qualitative and quantitative requirements: All Students enrolled at Skyline University Nigeria shall be monitored very carefully for the quality and quantity of satisfactory academic work completed during their study at SUN. A freshman student will be evaluated at the end of spring semester for good academic standing and there after the academic progression will be reviewed every semester.
Execution of student requests within stipulated timeframe: Various student requests status are keenly monitored and processed.
Following are the major tasks handled by the Administration section.

Planning of class
Review of Curriculum Structure
Preparation of Institutional Calendar
Preparation of Academic checklist
Scheduling for faculty & students
Preparation of teaching load
Preparation of operational checklist
Handling various students request
Preparation of Enrollment guidelines
Preparation of Seat allocation
Preparation of Policy & Procedure
Preparation of student handbook
Review of Orientation & Academic presentations
Preparation of ready reckoner
Preparation of Fact sheet & demographics
Registration of repeating course
Review of SAP students
Review of postpone/cancel/temporary cancelation
Review of graduating students
Conduct graduation ceremony
SUN has examination section, assists faculty to conduct continuous mode of assessments and conducts centralized midterm and final exams. The section is responsible in all the preparations leading to a smooth conduct of exams, quality check, evaluation of scripts, processing, conducting exam board meetings, finalizing and declaring the results. Any appeals for the grades are also managed by this section.

Examination section has its Examination committee to execute its process. Role of examination committee: Exam committee shall oversee the planning, executing and facilitating evaluation of the exam answer scripts; usually it is applicable for midterm exams, final and mitigation exams.

Following are the major tasks handled by the Examination Section.

Preparation of Placement test calendars
Conduct of placement test
Review of assessment weight entry
Review of assessment mark entry
Collection of papers from the faculty
Conduct of Mid-term & Final exam
Review and forward Invigilation schedules
Administering of kind of exams
Reviewing of all appeals
Publications of results
Preparation of all kinds of certificates


Q: Where can I get information about Skyline University?

A: SUN counselors are available from 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday and Saturdays 10am -2pm on +234 8181111113. You may log on to our website www.sun.edu.ng for more information. You may also find interactives with human interface via any of our social media platforms.


Q: Is SUN an extension of Skyline University College, Sharjah?

A: No, SUN is a distinct university of its own and was set up with the unique purpose of meeting all international quality academic needs of every aspiring African student. SUN only leverages the articulation agreement it has with SUC to help SUN students experience the same international academic dimensions obtainable in the best universities anywhere in the globe within Africa.


Q: Are SUN programs accredited?

A: Yes, SUN is approved and its courses accredited by Nigeria University Commission (NUC). NUC is the university standards setting and accreditation body in Nigeria. They ensure courses offered by SUN meets international standards.

Q: How do I get admission into SUN?

A: They must have CREDIT in English and Mathematics in WAEC/NECO as per NUC admission criteria.

WAEC / NECO (Online Verified), NABTEB, NBAIS, IGCSE, GCE, GCSE O-Level Attested Certificate (for Fresh Admissions – Level 100). Also the JAMB valid score.

International fresher students must meet the basic JAMB requirement or its international equivalent as per British pre-university admission standards.

Student exchange is also available where intending student must provide evidence of having met the credit pass as per relevant courses.

Q: How do I make my payments?

Evidence of payment such as teller or other payment receipt with an in-print of the students name plus ID number must then be sent as an attachment via our designated portal platform.  To confirm receipt, student must receive delivery acknowledgement email from SUN portal and/or SMS.

Q: How long does it take for SUN to provide an international students a VISA?

If all the documents are complete and the fee has been deposited as per the fee structure. It normally takes one month from the time of visa fee payment and all the documentation is complete.

Q: Are degree offered by SUN acceptable for transfer of credits to other local universities within Nigeria and internationally?

Yes, the degree is acceptable for transfer of credits to other Nigerian universities and even internationally.

Q: What are the campus resources?

Q: What are the List of departments in SUN?

Q: What is an academic year and what is the duration of a degree?

A: Academic year at SUN comprises of Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.  The duration of the Undergraduate degree is 4 years.

Q: What will be my period of study and a maximum number of credits that I can attempt?

Students enrolled for a Program shall complete within a maximum of 6 years by earning 132 credits. Student can earn 132 credits in four years in normal case or by attempting maximum of 180 credits.

In case of accelerated Program, the student can complete the Undergraduate program in less than 4 years.

Q: What is a graduation requirement?

A: A student will be awarded the Bachelor Degree after fulfilling the following conditions:

  • A number of credit hours as specified in the major field of study [132 credit hours]
  • Achievement of CGPA not less than 2.00
  • Recommended for graduation by the University Faculty and Administration

Q: What is graduation honors?

  1. What courses can I take at SUN?
  2. At SUN, we currently offer the courses listed below under SAMSS and SSIT.
1B. Sc. Accounting
2B. Sc. Banking and Finance (not started yet)
3B. Sc. Business Administration
4B. Sc. Entrepreneurship & Innovation
5B. Sc. International Business (not started yet)
6B. Sc. Economics
7B. Sc. Biology
8B. Sc. Microbiology
9B. Sc. Chemistry
10B.Sc.  Biochemistry
11B. Sc. Industrial Chemistry
12B. Sc. Mathematics (not started yet)
13B. Sc. Computer  Sciences & Information Systems
14B. Sc. Software Engineering
15B. Sc. Physics with Electronics
16B. Sc. Geology
17B. Sc. English (not started yet)
18B. Sc. Political Science (not started yet)
19B. Sc. Journalism & Mass Communication
20B. Sc. International Relations

Other courses are underway pending accreditation. If you will like us to add any particular course in the future, please write us your suggestions to admissions@sun.edu.ng

Q: Does SUN conduct entrance exam?


Q: What is the MAJOR means of communication between student or prospective student and SUN?

SUN will communicate students and intending students in English Language through their provided email addresses of any matter of importance that requires their attention. A follow-up SMS are usually sent to prospective students who have provided the contact GSM number.

Q; What are the maximum number of credit hours that can be transferred to SUN?

SUN accepts students who are transferring from a federal or licensed institution in the Nigeria or a foreign institution of higher learning based outside Nigeria and accredited in its home country, are eligible for transfer admission. The student must attend a minimum of 50% (60 credit hours) of their study plan at SUN. In other words, maximum of 20 courses can be offered as transfer of credits to the program. The credit hours completed must be equivalent or higher to the corresponding courses offered at SUN.

Q; How long it take for SUN to inform the student about the transfer of credit of courses?

The transfer of credit process takes 6 working days once the below mentioned documents are completed and handed over to the marketing officer:

Q:What is the minimum GPA required for a transfer student to be considered eligible for admission in SUN?

  1. The students seeking admission in Program of SUN must have passed the courses in his graduation program or higher national diploma with a minimum of ‘C’ grade or equivalent. The program which the student is studying prior to seeking a transfer must be recognized by the Ministry of Education in their respective country to be eligible for transfer. Maximum credits awarded for transfer admission will be limited to specified courses at SUN. In case credits earned at the original institution are less than those at SUN, the lower credits will be awarded as transfer. No transfer can be awarded for Capstone and protected courses of SUN.


Q: Are degree offered by SUN acceptable for transfer of credits to other local universities within Nigeria and internationally?

  1. Yes, the degree is acceptable for transfer of credits to other Nigerian universities and even internationally.
  1. Q. What fees/payments are refundable and which are not?

A. Non- Visa Student (Local Student)

  1. Application & Registration fee – Non-refundable / Non Transferable
  2. First Installment Fee
  3. is refundable before the commencement of the programme the student has enrolled.
  4. No refund is applicable after the commencement of the programme even if the student has not attended the class or is yet to give TOEFL exam or result is still awaited.
  • If the student wishes to postpone to the next intake before commencement of the batch, the first installment fee can be transferred to the subsequent intake by filling the postponement form without any additional fee. However, if he wishes to postpone for the second time, he has to pay N50,000 as Postponement Fee and New Fee Structure will apply. (This is not applicable for visa, visa-embassy letter & international students)
  1. Postponement fee for the existing/current students is N50,000
  2. For student registering after the commencement date of the intake, there will be no refund applicable under any circumstances
  3. If the student transfers his registration to the next intake and decides to cancel his registration in such case, no refund will be applicable on the first installment fees.
  • If a student fails the TOEFL/IELTS exam after commencement of the class and wishes to discontinue, no refund will be applicable.
  1. Tuition Fee
  2. The tuition fee will be calculated till the date of official cancellation by the student or their guardian.
  3. Scholarship/Fee Waiver/Recommendation
  4. If student is on any scholarship/waiver, the same is applicable only if student completes the degree. If the student wishes to cancel the programme in between, fees accrued till the date of cancellation excluding scholarship/fee waiver/recommendation granted must be paid before release of any academic & non-academic documents.
  5. Hostel
  6. Once hostel is booked and the student wishes to cancel, the student is liable to pay for complete one year.
  7. Transportation
  8. Transportation fee is to be paid for a minimum period of one month and there is no refund if the student wishes to cancel it in middle of the month.

Q: What Scholarship and waivers are available from SUN?

SUN is a socially responsible organization and therefore offers Academic, sports and need-based scholarship to deserving local & international students. SUN offers scholarships through various state and national scholarship boards, private secondary schools, NGOs and embassies for allocation of scholarship fund to encourage academically but financially weak student to pursue their higher education.

Q: How are student performance score card accessed?

Student results are accessible via their registered account on SUN portal. Each student have his/her password and can log in from anywhere. Parent can always peep into their ward’s performance by requesting the concerned student to allow them access to their portal.

Does SUN offer special assistant to special need students?

SUN believes everyone deserve access to quality education and is open to giving extra attention to students who are physically challenged (provided the school were officially informed prior to admission or after the student experience the limitation).

As a parent, if you feel your ward is weak in a particular subject and need special attention, please, contact our STUDENT SERVICE DEPARTMENR so we can determine the state of your ward, his/her counselling needs as well as make appropriate arrangements to help him/her as the case may be.