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Mitochondrial respiration is an ancient characteristic of eukaryotes. However, it was lost independently in multiple eukaryotic lineages as part of adaptations to an anaerobic lifestyle. An international team of researchers has found a multicellular animal with no mitochondrial DNA, making it the only known animal to exist without the need to breathe oxygen. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [1], the group describes their study of Henneguya salminicola, a microscopic, parasitic member of the group Myxozoa and its unique physiology.


I had the opportunity to visit Proto Golf Club Resort on the outskirt of Kano City, along with my colleagues for a day out. To my surprise the resort and golf course was well laid out and maintained. In my view Nigeria has great prospects when it comes


Coronary artery disease (CAD) is defined as the type of disease that occurred due to narrowing arteries transporting oxygenated blood to the heart, which resulted serious cardiovascular complications including angina and heart attack [1]. CAD is one of the deadly diseases in the world nowadays, especially in the developing countries. It was estimated that, almost one third of middle aged women and one half of the middle aged men in United States were affected with the disease [2]. The disease has become number one killer in the developed countries, with over 7.4 million deaths in 2012 [3].

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