SUN International Status Affirmed at the 103rd AULNU Annual Meeting

Skyline University Nigeria, the first international private university in Kano has justified its academic readiness as the Association of University Librarian of Nigerian Universities (AULNU) has listed her among the top significant universities to achieve systematic integrated full ICT technology into the library system.

Campus Lifestyle: A Place to Inspire

In this age where many workers and students are social media driven, one may wonder if there is still a place in the university campus, where one is challenged to make progress and thrive both intellectually and financially like some of us were taught is possible? Is there really a place/campus activity which inspires you as an individual to think it’s possible?

Shuffling between Courses and Social Life

The university community is said to be a stimulating ground full of wonderful opportunities for both learning and social activities. Shuffling between courses and social life can be difficult especially for first year students.

My Work and I – Driving People’s Engagement

Building relationship with people we share the same work or study environment with may sometimes look difficult, giving that every individual we find in the workplace might have come from a different background and share different temperament than we have.

The Success over Failure Mentality

Success, in any field, is impossible without commitment to some things that contribute to success. For example, having a first class university degree takes hard work. If you can conceive of a life without commitments then you are going nowhere fast.