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The mission to establish the Skyline University, Nigeria took concrete form in 1990 when the Skyline University College was established by the proprietor, at Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.  The fame of this University College grew exponentially and student enrolment soon increased at an increasing rate with a large number of international students coming from Nigeria. Thus, in the 28 years of its involvement in the private university education business in the Middle East, Skyline Investments Limited has spread so widely. This is a testimony that the little spark of 1990 in UAE, has blossomed into a full flame of excellent university educational opportunities for the young Nigerians in particular and the West African sub-region in general.

The major motivation to establish the Skyline University, Nigeria is to achieve the same mark of academic and all-around excellence which its Skyline University College in UAE has achieved by providing a total life-changing education at the tertiary level.  The aim, therefore, is to complete the circle of education, which was begun in a humble way in 1990 to educate the young Nigerians as a commitment to exceptional life-long learning.

The university concentrates, deepens and extends the frontiers of knowledge of the students who are to become the catalysts for the development of Nigerian society. This goal whose root was firmly planted over 27 years back has flourished and blossomed into an international institution of higher learning in Kano Nigeria.

As a distinct world-class conventional university, Skyline University, Nigeria (SUN) offers courses in both Arts and Science based courses through six (6) Schools, a Postgraduate School and a Centre for Professional Development and is impacting positively through its service and quality graduate output. It was granted a provisional license 9th May 2018 by the National Universities Commission, Nigeria’s regulatory agency on university education.

Literally, the word ‘Skyline’ means the boundary between the earth and sky otherwise referred to as the apparent horizon. It is the line along which the surface of the earth and the sky appear to meet the horizon. It also connotes the shapes made by buildings and mountains when you see them against the sky.

Skyline University, Nigeria (SUN) is, therefore, a new horizon that has been opened to recognize and address the needs of the Nigerian industry and meet business requirements by developing human capital equipped with knowledge, skills, and values essential for good performance. As a new horizon in university education delivery, teaching pedagogy at SUN will be based on a new approach of integrating knowledge with professional inputs from industry and orienting the students with qualitative theoretical knowledge that enables them to use in practical situations.