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Sports Department
Skyline University Nigeria, through the Head of Sports, Mr. Musa Mohammed with his team member, Stella Ekawu has wooed 16 Private Secondary Schools in Kano to organize an inter-secondary schools competition with the maiden edition taking place in the institution of higher learning where the best 6 of the overall competitors will bag sports scholarship....
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academic events
Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) cares about students and is dedicated to their academic, personal and career successes. That’s why we work together to ensure that students are prepared for classes and are thriving outside of the classroom experience. From Fresher’s Party to Orientation, to Matriculation, Workshops/seminars, Excursions and fairs, End of Semester exams etc. Skyline...
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best time
When you are deciding on which university to attend, a campus visit can make all the difference as it has helped many to shape their decision about where to go, what course to study or what university to attend. Lots of people have struggled through the decision of joining a university by looking through online...
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Every orator’s journey is said to have begun with a single speech. During his/her journey, he/she learns to listen, plan, tell their own stories, and lead. Skyline University Nigeria on Thursday hosted a speech and debate contest organized by the student’s organization to promote communication, public speaking and leadership skills amongst them. Ask the members...
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Many students go through varying challenges during their academic journey, generally around their academic status. Challenges of not able to pass JAMB/Post UTME exams, being on academic probation, having poor GPA, being unable to grasp fundamental courses, poor performance, etc. commonly called ‘temporary setbacks’ designed to demoralize. The reasons for this poor performance may vary...
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In this age where many workers and students are social media driven, one may wonder if there is still a place in the university campus, where one is challenged to make progress and thrive both intellectually and financially like some of us were taught is possible? Is there really a place/campus activity which inspires you...
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