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Students of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) have been advised to take advantage of the multicultural best practices available at the university. These practices such as knowledge and content integrations, prejudice reduction, empowering school culture and international exposure are what students learn in the lecture rooms, which when it comes to the interactions with those who...
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a guide
Dear prospective students, Admissions into Skyline University Nigeria is reviewed by the admission officers (Registry) who make decisions on students’ admission process. They assess the application pool to select the best students possible. The manner of application, time of application and supportive documents can all impact on the decision of the admissions’ officers to either...
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The Head of Sports, Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), Mr. Musa Mohammed, has strongly urged students of the university to shun diets that can affect their mental and academic wellbeing. The students should cultivate dietary habit which enhance their cognitive development for productive academic attainment, which is the main goal for any university student. He gave...
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very good
Excitement and hi-fi pervaded the serene ambience of Skyline University Nigeria campus recently, when the returning students with the support of the Students Service Department, planned and executed a party for the fresh students (neophytes) who resumed academic activities for the 2019/2020 session. 200 level students, represented by Bilkisu Musbau, Aisha Garo, Aisha Zana, Aisha...
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“One of the major concerns of our command is education and we want parents to have confidence in the safety of their children in all institutions of higher learning in Nigeria. Our operatives will maintain a safer, secured and healthy campus for students, faculty staff and visitors to effectively address security issues”, Abu Tambuwal, the...
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Sports Department
Skyline University Nigeria, through the Head of Sports, Mr. Musa Mohammed with his team member, Stella Ekawu has wooed 16 Private Secondary Schools in Kano to organize an inter-secondary schools competition with the maiden edition taking place in the institution of higher learning where the best 6 of the overall competitors will bag sports scholarship....
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der alumni
Dear future Alumni, The Alumni Association of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN), through the Students service department/future alumni relations office, via the flag or programmes of your study, will host various programmes to ensure strong relations with and among alumni. Among these programmes you will find the annual reunion already being highlighted in the university’s plan....
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Open Day kicks off this Saturday, 24th April 2019 at the Skyline University Nigeria campus. The event attracted many people who accepted the University’s invitation to come and experience the international/multicultural learning environment and student’s life. The event was aimed at providing career advice to attendees, clarifying issues about the university application process and followed...
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It is often said that the decisions you make during your first semester of the university will likely have a major influence on the rest of your undergraduate experience and beyond. If you are about to/just gained admission into a higher institution, you probably have just a few weeks before the new experience wanes off...
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best time
When you are deciding on which university to attend, a campus visit can make all the difference as it has helped many to shape their decision about where to go, what course to study or what university to attend. Lots of people have struggled through the decision of joining a university by looking through online...
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