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Ahmed Musa
Congratulations to Nigeria’s Super Eagles Captain, Ahmed Musa, who became the first Brand Ambassador for Skyline University Nigeria (SUN). Ahmed Musa will now be involved in delivering the brand ambassador’s outcome for the institution of higher learning to embody corporate identity in appearance, values and ethics as well as promote school sports and represent the...
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five common lies
When it comes to education, there are lots of bad advice floating around. Part of the problem is taking advice from friends and family who are just repeating what they’ve heard from others. Have you ever believed something to be true during your secondary/high school days and maybe even longer, just to find out you...
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These days, the ability to stay competitive depends largely on how constant you learn new things. Even the most educated minds must continue to study to develop or it will stagnate. Learning is not something we do from nursery schools until university postgraduate graduation. Neither is it what most people would consider fun but something...
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Returning to school after an extended break can leave you filled with dread and anxiety. Finding your way stone is having the ability to begin from where one has left off, to re-connect, re-establish, restore, re-open and every other word that suites the description. Quite often life feels like something important is missing. Something seems...
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