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Dr. Susanta Pahari


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The Four Elements and Properties /(Adapted from: Read, 1995) Recently, during an interaction with one of my colleague who does not hail from science background at tertiary level but pursued education not related to science stream after schooling. I got to know his knowledge about what human are made of? Same view got echoed from...
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genetics for commoner
Genetics is a special area of Biology which focuses on heredity (inheritance). For common people, it is looked at the exercise of matching people’s look, character etc. and frequent comment comes as “the person is like father, like mother etc. It is also commonly believed that all these similarities in character, look are related to...
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Biomolecules are made in the living system and some of the Biomolecules which find applications are made in the laboratory/industry. Biomolecules can be synthesized by using pure chemical methods (synthetic) or pure biological methods or sometimes, a mixture of both chemical and Biological Procedure (semi-synthetic). Biomolecules which are available in the natural environment have been...
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Genetics is a special area of Biology which focusses on the basis of heredity (inheritance). Heredity is related to the transmission of genes from one to the next generation. Johann Gregor Mendel, a priest cum scientist, through his work on pea plants, discovered the fundamental laws of heredity and he is called the father of...
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ioi batteries
(Credit: Dr. Brett Savoie – Caltech/Perdue) Usable form of energy is converted into work but unfortunately reversing the process of work to get completely back the original usable energy is not possible. On the contrary, demand for energy will be ever increasing as the global population expands. The increase in the global rate of consumption...
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Biochemistry and Chemistry are unique and very important branch of sciences. To start with, Biochemistry is a branch of science that explores the chemical processes within and related to living organisms. It helps in assimilating the knowledge and skill of Biology with the fundamentals of Chemistry. The discipline encompasses nowadays with both laboratory (wet) and...
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