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More students are coming to the university unprepared to produce quality works sufficient to earn an ‘A, B or C. Students’ responsibilities occur when students take active roles in their learning by recognizing they are accountable for their academic success. These roles may be geared towards the demonstration of academic integrity and honesty, participation in...
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5 tips
University admissions in Nigeria are based on complete academic history and achievement in three main areas: grades, completion of required subjects and passing your JAMB examinations. Students applying for admissions from Secondary schools must show that they have successfully completed five academic subjects with Maths and English inclusive. Academic subjects usually vary by programme and...
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The culture mastermind
Not all the students who got admitted into the university community will actually finish strong. Through their undergraduate journey, many will fall prey. Prey to lack of readiness, working late hours, too demanding programmes, wrong programme selection, early unexpected pregnancy, sickness, too many partying, family problems etc. Yet, for some reasons, none has plans to...
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Every year, on March 8th, the International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated for the achievements of women. This year, Skyline University Nigeria is particularly excited to celebrate the increasing role played by women at the university in particular and the world in general. The International Women’s Day began at the turn of the first decade...
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