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Feeling inactive in school, losing focus during studies or in a workplace environment is an inevitable experience. Thankfully, it has long been discovered that engaging in sporting activities can provide a boost to people in their academics/career such as boosting observational skills, improving focus, developing abilities to improvise, learning time management skills and helping to...
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Every orator’s journey is said to have begun with a single speech. During his/her journey, he/she learns to listen, plan, tell their own stories, and lead. Skyline University Nigeria on Thursday hosted a speech and debate contest organized by the student’s organization to promote communication, public speaking and leadership skills amongst them. Ask the members...
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Success, in any field, is impossible without commitment to some things that contribute to success. For example, having a first class university degree takes hard work. If you can conceive of a life without commitments then you are going nowhere fast. John Maxwell, in his book, “21 Indispensable qualities of a leader”, linked success to...
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Returning to school after an extended break can leave you filled with dread and anxiety. Finding your way stone is having the ability to begin from where one has left off, to re-connect, re-establish, restore, re-open and every other word that suites the description. Quite often life feels like something important is missing. Something seems...
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Career opportunities aren’t found in clubs. University is a great place for startups owing to the time and support available. Prior knowledge of markets, of how to serve those markets, and of customer problems is a good head start. Many of today’s youth watch their favorite celebrities or professionals on TV and think, “I want...
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