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university application


5 reasons why
So you’ve sent in your university application and feeling pretty confident that you are going to be admitted into the University of your choice. Congratulations! You have made one of the biggest and rewarding decisions you will ever have to make in your life. Now, there may just be one obstacle standing in your way:...
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the right questions
The possibility of getting back to school after such a long wait can be exciting, as the possibility of a much anticipated National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) deployment notice in Nigeria. What will one do? What adventures lie in store? What should one need? And how will it all turn out? Applying for a university...
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when admission is due
You have undoubtedly worked hard to submit your university application and passed your JAMB as well as your post UTME examinations. It’s been a while now since you’ve been waiting for an admission list. For the next few weeks, you may have the anxiety of waiting as matriculation/orientation time gets closer. It’s a dream you’ve...
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Responsibility Manifesto is not just for the business industry or university service personnel but to everyone who understands the value of giving before receiving Every day, in your undergraduate courses, you are learning a lot about leadership and how much of leadership is about the desire to be responsible and accountable. Level of accountability determines...
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