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July 2019


It was encomium on Wednesday 31st July, 2019, as members of the Management of Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) celebrate with a torchbearer, an achiever, the Chancellor, a leader, Father and Emir of Kano State, His Highness Muhammad Sanusi II on the occasion of his birthday. In his wishes to the Chancellor, the Registrar, Mr. Firoj...
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5 reasons why
So you’ve sent in your university application and feeling pretty confident that you are going to be admitted into the University of your choice. Congratulations! You have made one of the biggest and rewarding decisions you will ever have to make in your life. Now, there may just be one obstacle standing in your way:...
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Genetics is a special area of Biology which focusses on the basis of heredity (inheritance). Heredity is related to the transmission of genes from one to the next generation. Johann Gregor Mendel, a priest cum scientist, through his work on pea plants, discovered the fundamental laws of heredity and he is called the father of...
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money management
Money management is one area that is repeatedly being ignored by students of higher institutions, despite it being an essential part of a debt-free lifestyle. For a truth, thinking about money management is less enjoyable than actually spending money. But having basic knowledge of money management can help you feel confident about your ability to...
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eye opening
Career preparation is one of the most important developmental processes for acquiring a student’s undergraduate experience. Many individuals have achieved career success by paying attention to what works for other students, even though this method is not always guaranteed. In other to achieve career success, one may have to practice habits and mindset that allows...
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Colourful Corals decorate the sea beds and add to the glory of undersea scenic beauty. Retaining the beauty of the corals is our collective responsibility. Unfortunately, Coral reefs have depleted completely by about 25 percent, while about 88 percent in South East Asian reef in under high-risk zone, at this rate coral reefs, will become...
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The year 2018/2019 has been a time of victories for Skyline University Nigeria from the stage of acquiring NUC’s provisional license through the commencement of academic sessions and the conduct of maiden matriculation ceremony to the successful completion of the 2018/2019 academic session. In addition, the university has recorded success in the introduction of student-based...
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five common lies
When it comes to education, there are lots of bad advice floating around. Part of the problem is taking advice from friends and family who are just repeating what they’ve heard from others. Have you ever believed something to be true during your secondary/high school days and maybe even longer, just to find out you...
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Epigenetics is the study of heritable phenotype changes that do not involve alterations in the DNA sequence [1]. Epigenetics most often denotes changes that affect gene activity and expression, but can also be used to describe any heritable phenotypic change. One example of an epigenetic change is DNA methylation — the addition of a methyl...
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Skyline University Nigeria has recorded another feat in the validation of its academic programmes at all levels of physical, infrastructural academic facilities as the National University Commission (NUC) gave its commendations on Thursday when its four-man inspection team paid a working visit to the university to confirm the university’s compliance with NUC’s guideline. The Chairman...
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