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The Institutional Research and Quality Assurance (IR&QA) Office is a vital unit in achieving SUN’s quality standards envisaged in the Vision and Mission. It also strives to provide quality services in academic and academic support services in SUN and evaluate best practices of National and international academic institutions in the region and the world over. This office works towards meeting the guidelines/standards/accreditation requirements provided by Nigeria University Commission and International accrediting agencies. The roles of IR & QA Office are detailed in the following sections.


The Institutional Research Unit is responsible for planning, designing data collection instruments, gathering, compiling, analyzing and disseminating information to Operational Executives and Strategic Decision makers. Institutional research office’s major role is to measure, analyze and report findings that facilitate in gauging the level of Institutional Effectiveness (IE), Identifying gaps and making amendments in the process of Institutional Effectiveness. Results from the various institutional effectiveness tools are used to provide guidance in preparing and evaluating the annual and strategic plan and disseminate inputs for academic and administrative operative decision makers. Institutional Research office uses existing databases and gathers additional data as warranted to determine the future course of actions in achieving the Vision and Mission of SUN. The Institutional Research Office also supports in the performance evaluation of all employee.


The Quality Assurance Unit reviews various feedbacks and IE reports for each academic year. The findings and suggestions are disseminated to all Head of the units after approval from the Executive Council for necessary actions and decisions to improve academic and academic support services. The Quality Assurance office designs appropriate methodologies for meeting the Quality standards of the Institution in Academics and Academic Support Services to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the institution.

The QA office is responsible for providing guidelines for the implementation of policy procedures during the academic year. QA conducts regular audits of academic and academic support services to ensure the adherence of policy and procedures for the improvements in the overall institutional quality standards. It also helps in preparing, implementing and evaluating the Strategic Plan. It also oversees the planning and closing of units, updates policies & procedures and goal setting process.

The QA Office conducts developmental activities for faculty and staff members at regular intervals so as to enhance the overall institutional academic and academic support services


i. To be a center for collection, compilation and analysis of data
ii. To develop IE & feedback tools and evaluate the institutional performance accordingly in an academic year
iii. To maintain accreditation standards locally and internationally
iv. To provide inputs for strategic plan review
v. To facilitate the FES, SES, AAC, EC and BOG evaluation system
vi. To develop and maintain quality standards in the institution
vii. To coordinate submission and review of institutional planning, closing, reports and documents
viii. To coordinate review of the Institutional Effectiveness System
ix. To evaluate the Institutional Effectiveness through auditing the academic and academic support service processes.



1. Planning and Decision Support

Institutional Research Office (IRO) identifies the data requirements, plan and develops assessment tools helpful in gathering appropriate information for increasing institutional effectiveness. IRO compiles, analyzes and disseminates information for decision making in the process of institutional effectiveness. It provides inputs for preparing and evaluating Strategic Plan, annual and semester plans.

2. Feedback Survey

Conducting various surveys that helps in assessing the status and requirements of SUN among the stakeholders is a major responsibility of the Institutional Research Office. Student, staff, graduate and employer perceptions and opinions are imperative in determining the future directions of SUN. Therefore, IRO reviews, develops, plans and implements appropriate survey tools and analyzes and disseminates the results for appropriate action.

3. Accreditation Planning

IR Office is responsible for the process of national and international accreditation process by providing all the institutional data required for application review.

4. Facilitating the Performance Evaluation System

The IR office helps in developing the tools for performance evaluation systems of evaluating Board of Governors, Executive Council Members, Academic Affair Council, Faculty and Staff. It collects and analyzes information on various stake holders and evaluates their performance through a predefined evaluation systems and forwards the evaluation results to decision makers


1. Quality Enhancement

SUN is committed to excellence in all aspects of academics and academic support service departments as envisioned in the vision statement. The Quality Assurance Office ensures there is continuous enhancement of the institutional goals in meeting the specified standards and requirements across all areas of Academics and Academic Support Services.

2. Developing Institutional Policies

QA office is responsible for preparing, amending, ensuring compliance and evaluating the policy and procedures of SUN.

3. Quality Auditing

The quality enhancement is ensured by auditing and reviewing the various institutional activities with respect to adherence to the planned processes and procedures. This review will help in appropriate decision making by the AAC, Dean, Executive Council and Board of Governors.

4. Ensuring compliance with accreditation standards

The Quality Assurance Office keeps track of all the latest updates in the NUC standards and reviews its impact on the institutional policy and procedures. It is the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Office all the necessary amendments as per the latest updates are reflected in the appropriate policies. It ensures that all the important documents of the Institution are amended as per the changes in the standards set by the NUC.

5. Enhancing Institutional credibility


Benchmarking in higher education is an important tool of setting higher goals and achieving them through defining specific academic processes and procedures. In SUN, the need for benchmarking is visualized with respect to diversity of student community and teaching community, the industry requirement and international placements. Every academic and academic support service unit at SUN has predefined the key performance indicators and that are to be achieved as per benchmark which is developed based on the previous year’s performance and practices in an educational institution appropriate for benchmarking The Quality Assurance Office reviews the benchmark set by different units and guides them on updating the same during the planning review of all units. SUN has also adopted standardizing CDPs, nature of assessment tools, quality check of question papers to meet learning outcomes, program learning outcomes linked with the skills and competencies desirable by the industry.

b. Best Practice

SUN policy and procedures are prepared based on the guidelines provided by Nigeria University Commission (SUN) standards and best practices followed at renowned higher education institutions in the region and at the global level. SUN reviews its policy and procedure manuals before the start of the academic year and incorporates the necessary changes for the coming year. Yearly reviews are carried out at the end of the spring semester to identify status of current practices followed at SUN and to align with the requirement of NUC. The review also includes the comparison of SUN practices with the best practices followed at other leading institutions.

c. Facilitate data for accreditation, awards, ranking and listing

The Quality Assurance Office provides data to any Office that is working on accreditation, awards, ranking and listing at national and international levels. It helps in preparing documents, evaluating and developing application forms and equivalencies for Programs.